WFH, a new “not-so” Normal.

It was back in March 2020, when my employer and most of the IT companies around the world decided to switch into a Work from Home working model (WFH). Some switched into a hybrid model and kept essential workers on the front-lines, some had a fair percentage of flexibility depending on Sanitary situations in-countries, some others shifted into a 100% remote-working model.

The examples are multiple and if the subject is of interest to you, I invite you to read the Letter of Google CEO to his employees on WFH and avoiding burnout. I encourage you to read the article appearing on INC and discover that some of the most productive methods to avoid burnout and keep productivity at reasonable pace is focus and space.

Photo by Mark Cruz on Unsplash

We were all excited about Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft TEAMS and the so many other connectivity tools out there at first. However, what I did not personally expect was this:

  1. Virtual meetings are more exhausting.
  2. Calendar is exploding.
  3. Working hours are longer.
  4. Work-Life balance is harder.

I can create a longer list but this is not the objective. I am not here to complain, after all I am thankful for having a job that I like, while so many other people are either furloughed or laid-off during such hard times.

The reason why I am writing today is to acknowledge that things are changing and that the world before COVID19 is not the same as the world after it. We should be resilient and learn new survival methods. The other reason why I am sharing this today is to invite you to read some of the below articles that I find enriching and helpful.

3 secrets of resilient peopleLINK

7 simple tips to tackle working from homeLINK

Our Work-from-Anywhere FutureLINK

I hope you enjoyed the selection and I will share more of my favorites every-Friday.

Have a nice day. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Thank you for reading.

Come back next week.

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