Content creators that inspire me

My interests vary from self-development, entrepreneurship, food and healthy living, to innovation. I find joy in watching, listening and reading content on the web that speaks about such topics and I am happy to share with you some of the content creators that inspire me.

Let’s start with Self-development:

  1. Matt D’Avella shares videos on a weekly basis on Youtube. He is a filmmaker passionate about minimalism.  You should also check his Netflix Documentary Minimalism.
  2. Ted Talks Daily is a great podcast to listen to on your daily run or walk and is accessible for free on Spotify.
  3. Another great podcast to hear is called: Great Women of Business.

For Entrepreneurship:

  1. Dragon’s Den is a startups’ pitch show like Shark Tank, so the first is UK while the latter is both broad-casted in USA and Australia. My favorite is the Australian version as I feel the judges are humbler and more genuine.
  2. My all time favorite for reading interesting content with a cup of coffee in the morning is HBR and here is an interesting article about the future of work and automation.
  3. I cannot speak about business and entrepreneurship without giving a shout-out to Founder Institute. Here is the link to their blog where they highlight success stories of fellow founders, business tips and thought provoking concepts.

For Food and Healthy Living:

There are a lot of Youtube travelers and foodies out there that I enjoy watching with my family. Their videos are not really “Healthy” but the food looks great. So, if you are lacking ideas for creative Kitchen fun this weekend, look at some of the people mentioned in the list below:

P.S: The links I shared are all about the Youtubers’ trips to Tunisia, so obvious, right!

If you are looking for kids friendly stuff about food, watch this fun playlist from Hiho Kids. Next time, I promise I will share more of the Healthy living part 😊

For Innovation:

I would not have a specific list of videos to watch here as there is a lot of content out there either on Ted, Podcasts, Youtube, Medium or any other platform. I honestly recommend adopting an open mindset and accepting other ideas and people. That is to me the first step to innovate and build a special path for yourself in this journey.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog for this week as it was a crazy work week for me. So, as a gift to you for stopping by, I recommend this movie for the holiday season: The Christmas Chronicle Part 2.

One last thing; watch this video when you have time. It will spark something in your head.

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