What if I die tomorrow?

I took a break. I had to resource to kick-start a new year. I used part of the time to think about the blog and the things I can write about.
I found it hard to come up with positive content in a time where the world and specifically my country, Tunisia, was going through these hard times. However, I am back and asking this question:

“What if I die tomorrow?”

Have you thought about the legacy to leave behind? The friends and family you care about? The people you impacted positively or negatively? The contributions you made to science, business, art, poetry, politics or the community?
Have you wrote a book?
Have you started a business?
Have you really fallen in love? Traveled? Created a family? Farmed? Took risks? Fought wars?Believed in God? Created a movement? Started a revolution?
So many questions, right?

Have you thought about the main question?

Are you going to be forgotten when you die? The simple thought of it scares me to death.
A dear friend of mine once said to me: “Death is the only truth, everything else is questionable”. This has since never left my head and it has impacted my decisions in life, business and relationships.

The purpose of my blog today is to invite you to think about the purpose of your existence. Whether you believe in God, any God or no one at all; Death is still the only truth and now is the time to build a vision and a purpose for your time here.

The changes I invite you to make should be gradual and progressive, and you can start by setting up goals for a month, year or a decade and then commit to them and measure for success. I myself set some goals to reach before my 40s. Here are some:

Photo by Tolga Ulkan on Unsplash
  • Start and sustain a successful business.
  • Have a positive impact on my family, community and country.
  • Be Happy and conduct a healthy life.
  • Raise healthy, open-minded and creative kids.
  • Travel to 15 new countries.
  • Write a book.

How am I going to achieve them? I am progressing on some of them I will share the developments soon in the future. However I invite you to hear some of the podcasts I previously shared either on Instagram or previous article and you will find few interesting tips.

I hope this article sparks the thinking process within. Take the time as this is very important. After all, we are all going to die. However, some of us will live forever due to the impact/legacy they left behind.

What about you? Can you share some of the goals you set for yourself before the age of 40? Have you thought about the question? I would love to read your comments.

Take care.

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